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We believe that the world's culture should be seen, heard and touched by everyone. That the rich tapestry of creativity in all the arts must enrich an audience.

We believe in promoting high quality acts beyond cultural boundaries to a wide Australian audience.

In a world where borders are shrinking and cultural differences run deep and true, we endeavour to seek out artists from across the globe, that represent the finest in the cultural arts. Our goal is to bring the diverse range of world cultural arts to Australian shores.

In 2010 we worked with the legendary Greek singer George Dalaras, bringing his 40 years of musical experience to the Australian audience. Accompanied by the electic  Michalis Tzouganakis and contemporary singer Melina Aslanidou, audiences in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide experienced the multi-award winning voice of Greece's favourite performing artist.

In 2011 we are proud to bring another legend from the Greek music scene. Haris Alexiou who has captivated audiences all over the world.